Pirate Party Items

Pirate Costumes

Pirate party items can set the scene at any swashbuckling celebration, whether a children's birthday party or a themed adult gathering. ---- Guests of all ages can enjoy dressing in full pirate gear. On the invitation, be sure to include a message encouraging everyone to arrive in costume. Have a few extra costumes and accessories on hand for those who show up looking like a landlubber.

Bandana and Sword


If you want to help your guests get in the spirit, a bandana and sword are two easy and affordable props that can instantly transform any outfit into a pirate costume. They also offer a potential craft project. Children can have fun personalizing their bandanas or making colorful swords out of cardboard.

Eye Patch


The eye patch is another accessory that can turn any guest into the scourge of the seas. It can be a fun thematic party favor, or use it as the inspiration for party games, like "Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate".

Treasure Chest

Pirates love treasure, so an overflowing treasure chest is a great pirate party item to include in your invitations and decorations. You can create a centerpiece from a chest filled with costume jewelry and other shiny baubles. Serve chips, pretzels, candy and other snacks from smaller treasure chests. Children may enjoy grabbing prizes or favors from a chest.

Gold Doubloons

Pirate treasure chests were often filled with doubloons. Chocolate covered coins are a fitting substitute – and a tasty treat for party guests. Gold plastic coins are pirate party items that can also be a fun memento of the event.

Treasure Map


And how do pirates find all of that treasure? With the help of a treasure map, of course! You can include a treasure map image in your invitations along with a caption such as, "X Marks the Spot for Fun!" Create large maps on paper or fabric and use them as tablecloths. It's easy to turn a traditional scavenger hunt into a "treasure hunt" with the help of a pirate map.

Jolly Roger Pirate Party Items


The Jolly Roger is the traditional flag used to label a vessel as a pirate ship. It's a classic image that is instantly associated with these buccaneers, making it the perfect choice for decorating your pirate-themed party. Include the skull and crossbones on your invitations to get everyone in the proper mood for the theme. Hoist a flag from your mailbox to let guests know where to dock. You can add a Jolly Roger almost anywhere to give the room instant pirate flair.

Pirate Attitude


Half of the fun of a pirate theme party is adopting the pirate attitude. Watch a swashbuckling adventure or read a pirate-themed picture book to provide inspiration. Now put a little swagger in your step and loudly proclaim, "Arrr!"

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Pirate Party Items