Teenager Party Activities

What's the Occasion?


Interesting teenager party activities can make the difference between the can't-miss event of the year and a ho-hum Friday night teen party. If you're celebrating a special event, let the occasion guide your choices for teenager party activities. At a birthday party, you need to allow time for serving cake. You might want to plan a gift exchange at a holiday celebration. A slide show or video featuring the guest of honor would be perfect for a graduation party.

Different Interests


If you're planning a party for a teen, recognize that every group of friends has different interests. Some teens want to spend the night dancing while others would rather play video games for hours. If you're hosting a large event that will bring groups together, provide plenty of options to make sure everyone enjoys the evening.

Activities Outside the Home


For a truly memorable time, leave the rec room behind and head to the beach or hit the bowling alley. Activities don't have to be extraordinary. Even an afternoon at the movies or a few games of miniature golf will be more fun as a group.

Party Themes


A party theme can lead to fun teenager party activities. Break out 80s teen movies like Pretty in Pink for a retro night. Have a costume contest or offer guests a chance to make their own masks at a Halloween party or masquerade. Even if you plan only one related activity, it will go a long way towards making your theme memorable.

Music and Movies


Make music and movies available for low-key entertainment. Teens can enjoy the latest slasher flick together or get down on the dance floor – even if the dance floor is the living room rug.



Whether they enjoy playing sports or cheering from the sidelines, teens will appreciate the chance to be active. If you're renting a party venue, a community recreation center or school gym may be available. However, all you really need is some open space and the basic equipment for the game of choice.

Get Beautiful


Beauty-based activities are popular girl teen party ideas. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, perform makeovers or apply henna tattoos.



A teen slumber party provides hours of quality time with friends. However, there's no need to plan a lot of structured late-night activities. Hanging out and talking late into the night is often all guests want to do. Just watch out for pillow fights!

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Teenager Party Activities