Slumber Party Pranks

teens at a slumber party
One sleepover activity is to prank friends.

Kids attending pajama parties often enjoy playing slumber party pranks on one another as the night wears on. From funny to scary, pranks are often on the list of things to do when you plan an overnight bash.

Classic Pajama Pranks

The best pranks to play in your pajamas are often the ones that have been around for a long time. In fact, your parents may have participated in pranks that are still popular today. When the sleep over games are over and the lights go out, it is time for the pranks to begin.

Whipped Cream Facial

To give someone a whipped cream facial, wait until the first one or two people fall asleep. Then, tiptoe out of the room into the kitchen. Grab some whipped cream and place it on the unsuspecting victim's hand. Tickle victim's nose, ears and throat. As s/he reaches up to scratch, the whipped cream will get all over.

Clothing Confusion

After everyone has fallen asleep, grab everyone's bag and take out the pants and tops. Mix them up into one big pile, and then randomly put them back into the overnight bags. In the morning, everyone will try to get dressed and find themselves in clothes that are too small, too big and not his/her own.

Alarm Clock Buzzers

Before everyone arrives at the slumber party, gather as many alarm clocks as you can. Set them to go off at random hours throughout the night, like 12:30 a.m., 2:15 a.m. and 3:24 a.m. Hide them throughout the area of the house everyone is staying in. If possible, look for alarms with the weirdest sounding buzzers you can find, like a rooster crowing or a super happy voice saying, "Wake up!"

Do this prank only with permission from your parents, as it has the potential to be annoying to people who have to work in the morning or are light sleepers.

Short Sheeting Beds

Short sheeting the beds is one of the oldest slumber party pranks in the book. This classic prank makes people think they are getting into a nicely made bed, until they cannot get their legs underneath the top sheet. For instructions on how to short sheet a bed, check out The Daring Book for Girls or Lit and Laundry Blog.

Scary Slumber Party Pranks

Scary slumber party pranks are often the source of many teen slumber party activities. Youngsters who try to scare each other often end up in giggles, while the kids with a knack for scary storytelling could actually frighten some of the other children.

Teenagers often plan elaborate pranks that require pre-planning and coordination with other party guests and parents. Ideas for some scary pranks include:

  • Making faux ghost hands on windows and mirrors
  • Having a parent or other adult hide in a closet and make strange noises while playing a Ouija board game
  • Watching horror films, then acting out the parts; later in the night, have parents set up situations that make it seem like the film's horror myth came to life

Pranks to Avoid

While some pranks may sound like a lot of fun for you to do, they are not as much fun for the intended victim. Avoid the following slumber party ideas for pranks:

  • Phone Calls: Calling friends, relatives and strangers and asking them intrusive or stupid questions is not a funny prank; it's actually harassment.
  • Freezing Underwear: Consider how you would feel if it was your underwear in the freezer before you swipe your friend's skivvies.
  • Writing on Face/Body: Do not write or draw things on your friends after they have fallen asleep. Even if you use washable markers, some markings may stain.
  • Embarrassing Photos: Keep the embarrassing moments to yourself. After all, you do not want to be photographed with your finger in your nose and whipped cream in your hair, and your friends probably do not, either.

Playing pajama party pranks is a tradition that has been around almost as long as the parties have. Share your safe and fun prank ideas with other LoveToKnow readers by leaving a comment below!

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Slumber Party Pranks