Spa Party Food

Cucumber sandwiches

A spa-themed party is a great option for a fun, relaxing event, and the appropriate spa party food will help give the occasion the right level of healthy indulgence.

Spa Party Venues

A spa party can include many things, from relaxing massages and reflexology treatments to fun home makeovers. Spa themes are particularly popular for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, sweet 16 parties, or any special occasion that women celebrate together. Where the party takes place, however, will determine what types of food are available.

Spa parties at established day spas or salons may have a limited menu prepared by the facility, or they may allow guests to bring in their own food or caterer. Home spa parties, on the other hand, have no limits on types of food and just how healthy (or deliciously unhealthy) it needs to be.

Types of Spa Party Food

The key to choosing the best appetizers and treats for a spa party is knowing whether the party will have a healthy focus or an indulgent one. The two are not mutually exclusive - many healthy snacks can be rich and delicious - but guests may have different expectations based on the type of event. As with any party menu, it is also important to offer a variety of choices and to take into consideration any dietary concerns, food allergies, or flavor preferences as well.

Most spa party foods are relatively light and fresh; they are memorable morsels with exotic tastes. Finger foods are the best option because they do not require a lot of cleanup or care while eating, letting guests experience the ultimate in relaxation even while they enjoy the delicate dining.

Healthy Options

If the spa party is focusing on natural treatments and cleansing activities, healthy food is the best accompaniment. Choices may include:

  • Cucumber or watercress sandwiches on toasted whole grain bread
  • Exotic cheeses and wheat or grain crackers
  • Zesty dipping sauces layered with spices
  • Veggie wraps or a buffet for guests to create their own
  • Small salads with gourmet dressings
  • Mini muffins with a variety of tastes such as cranberry mandarin, honey almond, or blueberry mint
  • Trays of fresh vegetables and fruits, possibly sliced in decorative shapes for additional flair

Even the healthiest spa party needs an indulgence or two, and it is easy to offer a few decadent treats that still have healthful properties. Dark chocolate squares, for example, have plentiful antioxidants, while adding chocolate chips to a whole grain muffin can add a sweet sparkle to a healthy snack and still be appropriate for a spa party.

Decadent Indulgences


A spa party that focuses on indulgent pampering requires indulgent treats to pamper the palate. Tasty ideas include:

  • Cheese, caramel, or chocolate fondue with fresh fruit or pound cake for dipping
  • Gourmet chocolates or cookies in exotic flavors
  • Mini cupcakes in rich combinations, such as black forest cake, chocolate mandarin rum cake, or lemon cranberry cake
  • Shrimp or other seafood appetizers
  • Petit fours with delicate decorations
  • Gourmet pizza with goat cheese, avocado slices, sun dried tomatoes or other unusual toppings

It is important not to overdo the richness of indulgent spa party food, and parties that also include healthy options in a delicious menu will please every guest.

Divine Drinks

Spa parties also need appropriate drinks, with several options to accommodate different guests' tastes for healthy beverages, alcoholic drinks, or just thirst-quenching choices. Popular spa drinks include:

  • Mimosas, Bellinis, or bloody marys for mild alcohol
  • Herbal teas, both hot and cold
  • Bottled water, particularly in small bottles
  • Sparking juices or ciders
  • Smoothies
  • Espresso, cappuccino, or gourmet flavored coffees or cocoas

Arranging a Caterer

While spa party food may seem simple - it's mostly finger food, after all - the exotic nature of many of these appetizers can be a challenge to create. Health food cafes, specialty food boutiques, and gourmet restaurants are all likely sources for a caterer or party menu ideas to make your own delicious snacks at home. Small treats can be made in advance, and many options require very little preparation at all beyond washing and slicing.

Appropriate spa party food will be a delicious accompaniment to luxurious spa treatments, whether it's a healthful treat or a sinfully decadent snack.

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