Spa Party Invitations

Download the nail polish and lipstick invite.
Download the nail polish and lipstick invite.

Send out spa party invitations to gather the girls for a day or evening of pampering. Whether the celebration incorporates spa elements as an adult party theme or is a fun kids spa party birthday theme, a spa-themed invite will get every guest in the mood to relax.

Download Free Printable Spa Invitations

Both the invitation above and the one below can be viewed, downloaded, and customized using Adobe Reader. The invitation above is best for one incorporating manicures and pedicures, while the one below works well for hostesses who want to have more of an overall spa experience, complete with robes and hair treatments.

Download the robe spa party invitation.
Download the robe spa party invitation.

More Invitation Options

If you're looking for different designs, consider one of these party invitations instead:

  • Shutterfly's birthday spa party invitation allows you to add a photograph of the birthday girl to the card that features fun graphics like hair dryers. Pricing starts around $3 per card and goes down as the number you buy goes up.
  • InvitationBox's Bali invitation is an elegant option for women who are planning a day of services at a spa. Get 20 invitations starting around $55.
  • Polka Dot Design's spa day invitation is the right choice if you plan to have facials and/or body treatments during the party. It works well for teens and adults for birthdays, or showers for brides or moms. Pricing begins at approximately $22 for 10 invitations.
  • David's Bridal has an elegant invitation featuring a chandelier and champagne glass with bubbly, perfect for celebrating a bride-to-be. Pricing for 12 starts around $80.
  • Buy a set of 10 fill-in-the-blank invitations from Hobby Lobby that work well for a young girl or tween's birthday. The bright graphics are sure to get the guests' attention! Pick up the set for around $5.

Additional Information to Include

While every invitation contains the who, what, when, and where, you may need to include some additional information in your invitation when you're planning a spa party. This can include:

  • Theme - A spa party could include manicures and pedicures, makeup applications, facials, or massages - or a combination of all these services. Be sure to let guests know the theme through your invitation choice.
  • Occasion - If the party is being held in honor of a baby or bridal shower, or someone's birthday, be sure to let guests know this ahead of time through the invitation.
  • Items to bring - Bring a robe, slippers, and hair tie (for a home spa party) or just themselves if they are enjoying services elsewhere.
  • Location - Meet at XYZ Spa with directions, or whose home to meet at for the spa party.
  • Food - Mention whether spa party food or a meal will be provided for guests, regardless of location.
  • RSVP - If you are hosting the party at a spa, they may need to confirm a number of guests before you arrive to ensure they have enough staff on hand. Call any guests who do not RSVP to find out an exact count. The same issue applies to home parties - you need to be sure you have plenty of supplies on hand for all the guests who attend.

The hostess should generally foot the bill for this type of party. However, if this is not in your plans, be sure to make it clear what services will be covered and what guests will need to pay for themselves as add-ons if you are having a party at a spa location.

Prepare to Relax

Once your party is planned and your invitations are sent, all that's left to do is finalize the details. Then you can prepare to relax for a day of pampering with your friends!

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