Planning a Spring Break Bikini Party

What's spring break without bikinis?

A spring break bikini party can be a fun and festive way to enjoy a break from classes, tests, and academics while embracing the beach culture that makes spring break energetic and exciting.

Why Bikinis?

Bikinis are a classic icon for spring break getaways. Beach vacations filled with sun, sand, and surf are every student's dream as the winter doldrums drag on in the academic year. A bikini represents youth, beauty, relaxation, and fun in a no-stress atmosphere. Warm tropical destinations, sexy swimwear, and a splashing good time are all symbolized by a scanty bikini, and that two-piece swimsuit can be the perfect theme for a fabulous spring break party.

Spring Break Bikini Party Themes

The idea of a bikini party may not seem like much of a theme, but adding more details can ensure a fun event. Popular ideas for bikini parties include:

  • Luau: This Hawaiian-themed event can feature great food and fun activities with island flair.
  • Beach Party: The classic beach party is the perfect place to flaunt a bikini.
  • Pool Party: If the beach is out of reach, a pool party is a great alternative location and theme.
  • Tropical Getaway: Choose a Caribbean island - the Bahamas, Jamaica, Key West - to host a tropical island getaway party featuring the best in bikini wear.
  • Bikini Buy Party: This shopping-themed party can focus on finding the most fabulous bikini for every guest.
  • Anti-Bikini Party: Individuals who feel that skimpy swimwear demeans women may enjoy an anti-bikini theme where modest swimwear is encouraged and guests celebrate the beauty of their bodies without revealing every curve.

Dress Code

There are many types of bikinis available, from skimpy string and thong designs to more modest tankinis and suits offering better coverage for girls and young women less comfortable baring it all. Party guests should not feel obligated to don swimwear they are not comfortable wearing, and party planners may want to consider a basic bikini dress code to ensure that no one opts for too risqué a suit, particularly if the party will be coed. Older guests may have fewer inhibitions about the type of swimwear they choose, while parties for younger individuals may need better guidelines. Before the party, guests should also be informed about the nature of any games and activities so they can choose bikinis that can be suitably worn without risk of slipping or any other fashion calamities.

Bikini Party Activities

There are many fun party games and activities for a spring break bikini party that can let every guest enjoy themselves no matter what their swimwear does or does not reveal.

  • Bikini Contest: Modeling and posing are the most familiar parts of a bikini contest, and taking pictures of participants can aid judges as well as provide fun mementos.
  • Tanning: Every bikini looks better on sun-kissed skin, and relaxing in the sun can be a laid back part of any party. In colder climates, guests can experiment with sunless tanners and other products to simulate a day basking in the rays.
  • Shopping: Even if guests already own appropriate bikinis, a shopping party can be organized to find the best beach cover-ups, sunglasses, flip flops, and other great swimwear accessories.
  • Swimming: A swimwear party wouldn't be the same without the opportunity to go swimming, either at the beach, a pool, or even just relaxing in a home whirlpool.
  • Beach and Water Sports: Popular poolside games and activities such as volleyball, diving, sandcastle building, playing Frisbee, and other watery sports are great options for a bikini party.
  • Indoor Water Parks: Visiting an indoor water park can be a great party activity. Water slides, lazy rivers, and fun splash fortresses are found at many resort parks, and most locations offer group rates and discounts for parties.
  • Beach Beauty Makeovers: Guests can have fun creating the perfect beach looks by doing sunny home hair highlights, pedicures, and other makeovers to go with sexy swimwear.


Finding party decorations for a bikini party is easy. Tropical and beach-themed decorations - palm trees, tropical flowers, shells, etc. - are perfect, or a crazier theme could involve life-size standup models wearing bikinis, or even garlands made from strung-together bikini tops. Beach balls and inflatable toys can decorate indoor or outdoor parties, and lounge chairs and beach towels are perfect casual furnishings. For an indoor bikini party in cold weather, fill a kiddie pool with sand and tropical plants for a room-sized centerpiece and backdrop for fun photos.


Every party needs great food, and a bikini party is no different. Delicious menu items may include:

  • Shrimp and seafood
  • Cucumbers, fruit salad, and other cool treats
  • Ice cream for a blazing hot beach
  • Barbeque items
  • Colorful tropical party drinks or punch
  • Tropical tastes such as pineapple, mangos, coconut, and other island appetizers

Appearance Isn't Everything

While bikinis can be alluring and attractive, they can also be intimidating and uncomfortable for many guests. While a bikini party theme may seem fun and festive, party hosts should remember that the only appearance that should matter at a friendly gathering is that friends appear to enjoy the festivities, not how they look in their swimwear. Tasteless comments - both compliments and criticisms - should be avoided, and party hosts should work to ensure that everyone is comfortable and can enjoy the party, whether they choose to wear a bikini or not.

A spring break bikini party can be a great event for students to enjoy, whether or not they can actually celebrate on a tropical beach or by a sparkling pool. Enjoying the company of good friends and relaxing away from classes is the most important part of this party, no matter what the guests' attire.

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