Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super bowl party food

Super bowl party ideas should be fairly simple and easy to put together, since the star of the party is the game itself. Guests will arrive ready for a good time, so all you need to do is set the scene and provide the food!

Simple Super Bowl Viewing Party Themes

There are two basic themes you can go with for a Super Bowl party: NFL teams or an overall football theme. If your hometown team has made it to the big game, that's the perfect opportunity to haul out all of your swag.

Here are some suggestions for simple themes to choose from:

  • Team colors - You can choose only the team that you're rooting for to win the game, or the colors from both teams.
  • Hometown team - If your team is playing in the Super Bowl, use its logo, mascot, colors, and other items to decorate with. Make sure everyone has t-shirts, hats, or flags to cheer the team to victory.
  • NFL teams - In the interest of fairness, you can use logos and other images of each NFL team to set the scene for your party. That way everyone in attendance will have his or her favorite team represented, even if they aren't playing.
  • Football theme - There are lots of football-themed items available at party supply stores, so choosing an overall football theme should make things really easy.

You could also combine a couple of themes by using one set of team colors along with some items decorated with a football motif, for example.

Inviting Guests to Your Super Bowl Party

Since this is such an informal gathering, you can generally invite friends by word of mouth, by phone, or by e-mail. However, a printed infusion can be a nice touch. Consider these printable Super Bowl party invitations if you'd like to send a written invitation. Be sure to ask guests to RSVP so that you'll have an idea of how much food you'll need.

Super Bowl Food and Menu Planning

Food is a central focus of any Super Bowl party. Use these Super Bowl party food ideas to make sure you have plenty of great items available for people to munch on during the game, halftime, and commercials. From traditional football party food and recipes to a Super Bowl theme cake or one shaped like a football, you'll want to offer a variety of finger foods and other tasty treats served buffet style. If the weather cooperates, you may even want to fire up the grill for a few tailgate grilling recipes.

Game day football party table

Super Bowl Party Decorations

Decorating for a Super Bowl party doesn't have to be complicated. A few large football-related items such as team banners and flags should do the trick for football party decorations. You could also hang team jerseys, or print out team logos using your computer. You'll also want to set the stage with a few table decorations since food is such a central part of any Super Bowl viewing party. Consider a casual centerpiece or candles in team colors, along with some DIY upcycled table decorations (if you're feeling crafty).

Create a Multi-Screen Viewing Experience

If you have the space and multiple TVs in your home, consider moving several into the party room. Keep the volume up on only one television, using an extra set of speakers if possible to make sure everyone can hear it. The extra televisions should be placed around the room so that all of your guests have a front-row seat for the game. You'll also want to make sure there is a television tuned to the game near where the food is set up so that guest can keep up with the action while munching on finger foods at the buffet.

Football fans at home watching the game

Super Bowl Party Games and Activities

The main attraction will be the football game, but football theme games and other activities can be part of the festivities.

  • Super Bowl Party Games - Plan to incorporate a few Super Bowl party games into the evening. You may also want to have some pre-game football trivia and Super Bowl quiz questions ready to get everyone warmed up for the main event.
  • Football Party Activities - if children or others who aren't big football fans will be in attendance, it would be a good idea to have some alternative activities prepared. Plan ahead for kid-friendly Super Bowl activities to keep the littles occupied. Consider setting up another room in the house with tables, chairs, and board games, or provide a corner of the main party room for those who wish to sit and chat.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Big Game

The great thing about Super Bowl parties is that, once you've set up the food and seating, there's not much left to do but enjoy the game with your friends. Still, you'll want to make sure that everyone has a good time and that all the details are looked after. Hosting a Super Bowl Party is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone, share the joy or agony of the game itself, and have a good time.

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