Teenage Girl Party Themes

Choose a fun theme for your next teenage party!

There are endless ideas when it comes to teenage girl party themes. Choose one that best reflects the style and interest of your teen.

About Teen Parties

What teenager doesn't like to get together with their friends and have a good time? A great way to do so is by having a party. Sometimes the party can be for a special occasion such as a birthday or graduation while other times it can be simply for hanging out with a group of good friends. Whatever the reason, one thing remains the same - a party is about having fun. Many parties do not have themes so try something different to entertain your teenage girls. Try a creative theme for your next big bash for an unexpected twist.

Creative Teenage Girl Party Themes

There are endless possibilities to consider when it comes to selecting teenage girl party themes. Themes should reflect the teen's specific interests and personality. Choose one that is tailored to your specific teen and watch the fun that it brings.

  • A Spa Night Party is all about pampering. Light fragrant candles and play soft, relaxing music. Let the girls enjoy an at-home facial or other beauty treatment. Have different lotions and body sprays on hand and serve healthy food choices such as tea, veggies and fresh fruit.
  • A Makeover Party features manicures, pedicures and playing with makeup. Ask teens to bring their favorite color of nail polish to share with their friends. Girls also enjoy doing their hair and trying out new makeup.
  • A Dance Party is a great theme for those who are all about fun. Set up an area for dancing and have a large selection of music available. You can also have karaoke at this type of party.
  • A Beach Party can be set up indoors or outdoors. Decorate the area like a beach and serve fake cocktails with umbrellas. A variation on this theme would be a Pool Party if you have a swimming pool at your home or wish to host the party a local pool.
  • A Movie Night is a great way to sit back and enjoy the company of friends. Serve movie time snacks such as popcorn, soda and candy and create a movie theatre in your home. Select a variety of movies, from scary to romantic, to interest all at the party.
  • An All About Fashion Party is for those teens who are interested in clothing and shoes. Set up an area for the girls to model different fashions. Purchase the latest copies of fashion magazines for the girls to browse through and get ideas.
  • A Pajama Party is great to have on a weekend. Of course, sleep is not one of the top priorities at this type of party. The evening will be filled with gossip and sharing secrets. You can plan a spa party or movie night in conjunction with this theme as well.

Things To Consider

Once you select a theme for your teen's party consider the following:

  • Serve favorite foods, such as pizza, snacks and fake cocktails. For a spa theme, choose healthy choices, such as fruit and dip.
  • Activities add an element of fun to any party. Whether it's dancing, singing or playing a sport, choose something that your teen is interested in.
  • Games are always fun to play at a party. Don't choose anything childish since it is a teen party. Games such as trivia, charades, question and answer, or truth or dare are fun for all ages and interests.
  • Choose decorations to go along with the theme. They tie everything together and add a special touch to the party.

Ending Thoughts

Teenage girl party themes have endless possibilities. They can be anything that interests your specific teen. Make sure that you select a theme that your teen feels comfortable with and that you know she will enjoy. Be creative and make the party an unforgettable affair!

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