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Thanksgiving favor

Thanksgiving parties traditionally revolve around a meal, including the leftovers, but Thanksgiving party favors can be more than just boxed up turkey, potatoes and stuffing. From symbolic items to fun trinkets, party favors help the spirit of sharing and togetherness last long past that last bite of pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Party Favors for Kids

Children love small trinkets they can take home as their very own, whether they are from a birthday party, holiday get together or even Thanksgiving dinner. Favors for children should be age-appropriate (no choking hazards or complicated games), related to the event, and relatively indestructible. When in doubt, hosts can ask parents about the appropriateness of items and what may be suitable for specific children.

Tasty Trinkets

Since Thanksgiving events traditionally revolve around food, edible party favors are always popular. Tasty options for kids' favors include:

  • Pumpkin seeds or parched corn to commemorate foods eaten at the first Thanksgiving
  • Foil-wrapped chocolates in harvest colors
  • Fresh cranberries, so children learn how the berries really taste
  • Popcorn balls or flavored popcorn

Edible Thanksgiving party favors should complement the event without being so filling that children will lose their appetites for the delicious dinner to come. A few seeds or berries, properly explained, can be a tasty favor as well as educational and interesting.

Inedible Favors

Many people opt for non-edible favors so the impact of the traditional dinner is not usurped. Kids' non-food favor options include:

  • Coloring placemats with Thanksgiving themes
  • Feathers to make a Native American headdress
  • Small stuffed turkeys or other themed novelties
  • Turkey callers (similar to those used by hunters)
  • Personalized pilgrim hats

These themed party favors will keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive beyond the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Party Favors for Adults

Decorated mini pumpkin

Party favors for adults are more sophisticated than those for children.They are less frequently edible, although gourmet treats such as pumpkin spice truffles or pumpkin pie cheesecake bites are always a delicious option. Other ideas for adults' party favors include:

  • Scented candles in vanilla, pumpkin, cookie and other holiday aromas
  • Personalized thank-you notes with initials or monograms to make giving thanks easier
  • Small decorated pumpkins or squashes, perhaps with autumn leaves, maize or other themed accents
  • Small floral arrangements that may be used to decorate the table
  • Receipt organizers or other items to use during the holiday shopping season

The key to a great favor for adults is to look for something that is more than just a trinket to take home. By choosing an elegant or useful item, the party host has provided one more reason for everyone to give thanks.

Displaying Party Favors

Display Thanksgiving party favors as part of the table décor, if the meal is to be the central activity of the event. Favors should either be placed on each guest's plate prior to the meal, or they can be incorporated into the decor as place card holders, next to the glasses or silverware, or grouped together as a centerpiece. If the party will not include the traditional dinner, the favors can be used to decorate a snack table, mantle, or other focal point of the location. They can even be handed out as guests depart.

Finding Favors

Thanksgiving favors are easy to find throughout the fall harvest season. Check local party supply stores to see what they have in their inventory. If you want to create the favors from scratch, check out craft supply stores in November for the best supplies to make your Thanksgiving favors. For a crafty look without the work, check out autumn craft shows and online shops like Etsy for favors.

Shopping online provides a number of favor options, both in and out of the Thanksgiving season. For example:

Finally, don't forget to consider using fall wedding favors as elegant Thanksgiving party favors. If personalization is required, use the year or Thanksgiving party theme. You'll find fall favors at wedding retailers like ForeverWed.

Are Thanksgiving Favors Necessary?

Many people wonder whether party favors are necessary at all. While there is no strict etiquette dictating that favors are or are not suitable, they are a nice "thank you for attending" token for guests. If chosen and displayed appropriately, Thanksgiving party favors are a delightful remembrance of a happy event, and they are something everyone can be thankful to receive.

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Thanksgiving Party Favors