Thanksgiving Party Games

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Thanksgiving party games can bring new life to your yearly celebration of food and family. Adults and children can all enjoy playing a few games to pass the time and share some laughs. Offer a fun mix of games so that all your guests can take part in something.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Party Games

Thanksgiving party games can break the ice and add a fun and surprising element to the day. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner can be turned into something unforgettable by adding a few creative games into the mix. Some games to consider are:

Build a Turkey

Give each person or team a bag of craft supplies and odds-and-ends gathered from around the home. Materials could include construction paper, pipe cleaners, felt, markers, glue, paper clips, drinking straws, sequins, buttons, and more. Ask the players to construct a turkey or other seasonally appropriate object from these supplies. Set a time limit of ten to fifteen minutes, so younger guests don't lose interest in the activity. Award prizes, such as small trinkets or an extra piece of pie, to the best creations. To avoid naming winners and losers, you could also give each craft a title like "Most Lifelike" or "Best Use of Glitter."

Fruit Salad or Cornucopia

This game works best with a larger group. Players should sit in a circle, with one player standing in the middle; this is the "chef." Assign each player the name of a fruit or vegetable. If two or more players share the same name, the chef calls out a single fruit or vegetable. If each player is given an individual name, then the chef will call out combinations, such as "squash and potatoes." When their food is called, players must jump up and find a new seat. When the chef calls out "fruit salad" or "cornucopia," all of the players must find a new seat, including the chef. Whoever is left standing at the end is the chef.

Online Printables

Go online for fun printable games, including word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, and more. DLTK's Crafts for Kids offers printable jigsaw puzzles, memory cards, and riddles. You can also find a number of printable bingo games, including the cards at Disney Family Fun. Scatter printouts around the room, along with pens and pencils, to keep guests entertained during downtime.


Work off that extra serving of dressing while you take part in one of the healthiest options for Thanksgiving games - sports. Although November falls in the middle of football season, any sport will do, depending on guests' interests. Take care not to get too competitive, and look for ways to include all family members, regardless of age and ability.

Thanksgiving Trivia

Hold a trivia contest to see how much your guests know about why Thanksgiving is celebrated and the images commonly associated with the holiday. Pair younger and older family members to ensure fairness, or create separate sets of questions for kids and adults. Brownielocks Thanksgiving Trivia provides a ready-made quiz. Infoplease offers a helpful list of turkey facts. The Holiday Spot also includes 20 facts about Thanksgiving that could be used to create trivia questions.

Turkey Hunt

Create a Thanksgiving version of the Easter egg hunt. Throughout the house or around the yard, hide an assortment of turkeys. The hidden turkeys can be paper cutouts or small birds made of felt or other crafty materials. Give a prize to the player that finds the most. This activity can keep kids occupied while they wait for the start of dinner.

Video Games

Everyone can enjoy an activity-based video game, such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, and many Wii titles. A video game tournament could serve as an alternative activity for younger family members while adults settle in the watch the big game on TV.

Family Bonding Time

Whatever games you choose to include at your Thanksgiving celebration, remember to be thankful for the time that you've been given to enjoy them together as a family. Offer games that can played in groups so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Games that are suitable for kids and adults can offer hours of entertainment and will turn your ordinary celebration into something extraordinary!

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Thanksgiving Party Games