Unusual Birthday Surprise

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An unusual birthday surprise may be two tickets to the Super Bowl, a pair of cockatiels or a party in a very unique location. What does "unusual" mean to you?

Choosing a Birthday Gift

You've probably purchased a number of birthday gifts over the years, some more difficult to select than others. What is the most unusual gift you've ever received, and why was it unusual? What constitutes the word "unusual" as it applies to a birthday gift? Is it outlandish, rare, confusing, odd, or inappropriate? Should a birthday surprise be unusual?

Most people choose birthday gifts based on the recipient's age, gender, and interests. For example, a musician might appreciate a CD filled with his favorite tunes, or a chef may love to have a new monogrammed apron or chef's hat. While these gifts may not be unusual, they are appropriate for the receiver because they represent a part of that person's life. Birthday gifts should be given with the hope that the recipient will enjoy or use whatever the item might be. An unusual gift or surprise, however, may be remembered for years to come.

Choosing an Unusual Birthday Surprise

An unusual birthday surprise may come in the form of a gift or a surprise party. The following ideas are just a few of the many unusual surprises or gifts that you could give a friend or relative.

Surprise Party - While of course surprise parties aren't really unusual, where you hold the event could be. For instance, invite friends and family to a local theme park. Have them wait inside the gates, and when you and the guest of honor arrive, they can jump out and yell, "Surprise!" Professional ballgames provide another great setting for a surprise birthday celebration.

Billboard birthday wishes - If you really want to make a big deal about somebody's birthday, consider renting a large billboard located along a busy road or intersection. If possible, use a picture of the honoree and add her name and birth date. If you're afraid she won't see the billboard, drive her down that particular road and watch her face light up with happiness.

Destination surprise - One of the most appreciated birthday surprises is tickets to a faraway location. If this is a gift for a friend, you'll certainly want to join in on the fun. Destination surprises also make great gifts for parents or couples needing a break from the rat race of life. Be sure you've already coordinated the times for when the person can leave. He or she may need to put in notice to take off work as well. If you aren't sure what dates to schedule the trip, consider giving a gift certificate for airline tickets or hotel rooms.

Birthday theme - A surprise birthday theme is another fun alternative. For example, a murder mystery birthday party will have guests talking for weeks after the mystery is solved. Check out the Merri Mysteries website for ideas and how-to tips. Other themes could include a Wild West party or a beach luau. If the party is a surprise, be sure you have costume materials for the guest of honor since he or she will not know how to dress.

Birthday gifts - Unusual birthday gifts could include impossible-to-get tickets to a concert, sports event, or other occasion. They could also include unusual pets, like a chameleon, ferret, parrot, or snake, or even gifts like a series of dance or music lessons.

Finally, keep in mind that giving an unusual surprise gift as a birthday present can be lots of fun, but you want to make sure that the gift isn't inappropriate or unusable. After all, a gift should be enjoyed no matter how unusual it might be.

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Unusual Birthday Surprise