Valentines Bingo Games Free

Add Valentine's Day images like hearts and roses to create unique and festive bingo cards.

With Valentine's bingo games free, you can provide fun and affordable entertainment for your next Valentine's Day party.

Making Your Own Valentines Bingo Games

If you're looking to find Valentine's Bingo games free in hopes of saving money, it doesn't get much more frugal than making it yourself. You will also be able to create exactly the product you want.

Customized Bingo Board Tips

Valentines bingo cards with icons
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You can create bingo cards in most desktop publishing programs. However, if you don't have a computer handy, it's easy to draw a bingo grid with a ruler and a pen.

Replace the word BINGO with a holiday-appropriate five-letter word like HEART or CUPID. You can stop there, and just use the traditional bingo numbers with the new word at the top. However, the game will be much more fun and in the spirit of Valentine's Day if you fill the squares with relevant images.

Cut out small hearts or squares with hearts printed on them to cover the bingo squares. You can also use conversation hearts or chocolate kisses instead of traditional bingo chips. Just make sure the game doesn't take too long, or the players may be tempted by their edible playing pieces.

Clip art can provide all the pictures you need for custom bingo cards. Most word processing programs include a selection of clip art images, and you can also find free clip art sites online. If you have an artist in the family, he or she may want to draw the pictures for your game boards.

If you would like to reuse your homemade bingo boards, start with thicker cardstock to avoid bends and wrinkles. Then laminate them or cover them in contact paper.

Image Ideas

Since so much Valentine's-related imagery is heart-based, what are your image options if you decide to create a visual bingo card? Consider adding the following to fill the squares:

  • Different colored hearts
  • Specific candy like bon-bons or chocolate kisses
  • Different conversation heart messages
  • Cupid, Cupid's bow, and hearts with arrows through them
  • Different couples - young, old, holding hands, kissing, etc.
  • Valentine's Day cakes
  • Heart-shaped objects like boxes or pillows
  • Valentine's Day cards
  • XO for hugs and kisses
  • February 14th on a calendar page
  • Roses

Adult Options

If you're like to adapt your bingo game for an adult audience, consider creating a word-based game. Pick a theme like:

  • Love songs
  • Romantic movies
  • Famous couples
  • Famous pairs - Compared to famous couples, this theme doesn't have to focus on romance.
  • Pick-up lines

You can simply write the titles or sayings in the squares, or you can make it more of a challenge by creating a matching game. Pair up movies with actors, match two halves of a couple, or read half of a pick-up line and ask the players to complete it.

Valentine's Bingo Games Free Online

If you're not feeling creative or you're pressed for time, you can also find many ready-made bingo games for Valentine's Day online:

  • Crazy Little Projects offers really cute bingo card sets you can print for free. The cards feature adorable bugs, animals, and even a one-eyed monster who really isn't scary. The center square is a free space.
  • DLTK's Custom Bingo Cards provides a number of themed bingo cards, including Valentine's Day designs. Users can customize the size of the bingo board, choose pictures or words, and select one of four Valentine's Day options.
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Valentines Bingo Games Free