Wording for Graduation Party Invitations


Coming up with the best wording for graduation party invitations can be a bit challenging. An individual's graduation party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it's important to create invitations that send the right message.

Where to Start With Graduation Party Invitations

Before you start thinking about exactly how to word the graduation party invitations you're creating, stop and make a list of the main points the invitation has to get across. The most creative invitations won't be successful if they don't include all the facts.

Information that must be included in party invitations:

  • Name of honoree
  • Occasion being celebrated
  • Place of party
  • Date of event
  • Starting time
  • Ending time
  • Party Theme
  • Attire expectations
  • RSVP information

Writing Wording for Graduation Party Invitations

Once you know all the pertinent facts, you can start brainstorming ideas for what the invitations should say. Consider both the theme of the party and the personality of the honoree when selecting wording for the invitation. If you're hosting a pool party, the language can be fun and informal. If the party is a seated dinner at an upscale establishment, however, the wording should reflect the formality of the occasion.

Creative Headline

The first thing you'll need to do is come up with an eye-catching headline that clearly conveys the fact that the document is an invitation. Many invitations start with the plain and simple phrase, You're Invited. This is a perfectly acceptable opening. However, for a graduation party, you may want to come up with something a little more unique and occasion-specific.

Examples of headline wording for graduation party invitations includes:

  • Celebrate [Name's] Graduation
  • Join the Celebration of [Name's] Graduation
  • Help Us Celebrate [Name's] Graduation
  • Join [Name's] Commencement Celebration

Body of the Invitation

Once you've gotten the attention of the recipient with a short headline that is catchy and to the point, you can focus on writing the body of the invitation. Keep in mind that the invitation you come up with should be something that the graduate will want to keep in his or her scrapbook for years. Instead of focusing on the style of invitation you find appealing, think about what the graduate will like. Some people prefer to list the facts without much additional information. This technique is very appropriate for formal occasions, and can also be used with success for casual graduation celebrations. Many people like the idea of coming up with cute verses or poems to use in the body of the invitation. This can be appropriate for some types of graduation parties, but not all. If you're planning a kindergarten or eighth grade graduation event, the honoree might like a rhyming party invitation. However, if you're celebrating graduation from college or graduate school, it's probably better to go with something serious.

Often, people go wrong by making graduation party invitations too wordy. The purpose of the invitation is to let people know about the celebration and make them want to attend. Don't go overboard by including too many details about the events leading up to graduation, or the honoree's plans following the occasion. During the party, you'll have time to talk with the attendees in great detail. They'll probably want to hear all about what's next for the graduate. Just keep in mind the appropriate time to share all that information.

The Final Step

No matter what approach you chose for wording the invitations, make sure you proofread them carefully before sending them out. Verify that the date, time, and location are correct, along with all the other important details. Check carefully to make sure everything is spelled and punctuated correctly and that your grammar is impeccable. You want the invitees to focus on what they need to know about the party, not on looking for errors in the text. If you decide not to send a separate invitation to the celebration, you might also choose to include it in your graduation announcement wording if everyone who receives one is invited.

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Wording for Graduation Party Invitations