Halloween Party Ideas

Ultimate Guide to Your Most Spooktacular Halloween Ever

Ultimate Guide to Your Most Spooktacular Halloween Ever

There's no such thing as a bad Halloween (except in horror movies), but you can make your holiday even sweeter with a little inspiration and some great ideas. From trick-or-treating tips to the best Halloween… Keep reading »

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Halloween Decor for Party

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party. From kid- or family-focused Halloween parties to ghoulish gatherings for grown-ups only, there are plenty of great options for monstrously enjoyable celebrations. With a bit of planning and a lot of creativity, you can make certain that your next All Hallows' Eve get-together is sure to be described as the best Halloween party ever.

Halloween's Haunted History

Halloween was once a uniquely western holiday, but other world cultures have adopted some of its traditions as well. Halloween is kind of a big deal in the United States and Canada, but it's also growing in popularity in countries like India and Japan.

Historically, Halloween has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain and the Christian day before All Saints' Day, All Hallows' Eve. What's a hallow, you ask? It's a saint or holy person.

Current festivities don't seem to have much resemblance to religious traditions, however. Instead of saints, Halloween focuses more on monsters and ghouls, parties, candy, and costumes. In the Western world, when Halloween rolls around, it's time for a creepy party.

Halloween Party Ideas

Whether you're planning to host a scary Halloween party or one that is milder in nature, there are plenty of great options for planning Halloween parties. Planning a Halloween party starts with adapting the theme and activities to the age range of the expected attendees. If the party is family-oriented and so will be attended by people of all ages, be sure to incorporate activities for all age groups.

Halloween Parties for Kids

Whether you're in charge of organizing a school Halloween party or if you'll be hosting a group of kids at your home or an event venue, there are a lot of age-appropriate options. Keep costumes and themes on the light spooky side, but don't make them terrifying. Simplify games, and offer fun age-appropriate party treats.

From Halloween parties for kindergarteners to Halloween gatherings for older kids - and every group in between - there are plenty of ways to adapt Halloween party games and a variety of spooky activities for children in every age range. You may even want to include a Halloween parade.

Halloween Parties for Teens

Teenagers deserve their own party planning category, as they're not yet adults but won't enjoy a party that seems too juvenile. Things can be a bit more on the spooky side here, and you can opt for more sophisticated activities. Explore a selection of Halloween party ideas for teenagers, being sure to include a bit of friendly rivalry via a costume competition. While the party is going on, encourage the teens in attendance to share lots of party pics via social media using cute and clever Halloween captions.

Halloween Parties for Adults

For adults, a Halloween party is often an opportunity to feel like a kid again. You can offer Halloween-themed cocktails, grown up nibbles, and spooky activities, but don't forget to toss in a few throwbacks as a nod to the nostalgia of a childhood favorite holiday.

Halloween parties for grown-ups are a lot of fun, especially if you choose a fun, engaging theme, such as hosting a Halloween scavenger hunt party for adults or an occasion-specific game of charades or Pictionary.

Halloween Party Planning Details

When it comes to planning a party, the smallest details can have a huge impact. Don't overlook the following finalizing your Halloween party plans.

Celebrate Halloween in Style

Put your party planning skills to work to organize a fun, memorable Halloween party that guests are sure to enjoy. You just might earn the reputation of being the "ghostess with the mostest" in your circle of friends.

Halloween Party Ideas