Bachelor Party Games

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Bachelor party games help set the tone of the evening and make the groom's last single guy's night out an event to remember (or forget). If you are the best man and need to decide which games are appropriate for the bachelor party you're planning, you have plenty of options. Your choices will largely depend on the overall party theme, the groom's personality and the number of party guests.

Out-In-Public Bachelor Party Games

Most bachelor parties occur in public settings, such as bars, nightclubs or strip clubs. For these types of parties, utilize your actual party location for your games. The point of out-in-public bachelor party games is to ensure that the groom has an exciting evening out with his closest friends, no matter where the party takes place. You don't want it to be just another evening at the sports bar with buddies - it's his bachelor's party, so make it special. These types of games can be played at traditional bachelor party locations or even at nontraditional bachelor parties, such as at a sporting event or on a camping trip.

Scavenger Hunt Games

If you are at a crowded bar, give your guests a scavenger hunt list that encourages them to talk to other bar patrons. Include list items that force the groom to talk to women such as a tube of lipstick or something even more risque, such as a lady's undergarment. Other common bachelor party scavenger hunt items include photos with a bachelorette, a phone number from a single gal, or a kiss from a girl with the same name as the bride. Make sure to include all the party guests on the scavenger hunt to make the night fun for everyone.

Funniest Story Game

Many bachelor party guest lists are made up of a mix of college friends, co-workers, family members and sports buddies. In most cases, the party guests have never met, or do not know each other very well, before the actual bachelor party. Break the ice at the beginning of the party by asking each guest to share his funniest story with the groom. This will typically embarrass the groom, but at the same time, it will entertain the rest of the guests. These stories also set the tone for an evening filled with camaraderie and laughter. You can also give out a prize for the funniest story, such as a bottle of liquor.

Card Games

Low-key grooms often want their bachelor parties to consist of a quiet evening of pizza, beer, cigars and card games. This type of evening is more fun if some element of gambling is involved, so be sure to bring along plastic poker chips and lots of small bills. Don't forget the cards with nude women on them, as well. Choose games that will allow all the guests to participate, as well as games that the groom enjoys. If the get-together is a small crowd, play four-man games, such as hearts or spades. If the bachelor party has between five and nine guests, you can play blackjack or poker. Parties with 10 or more guests can feature several gaming tables and even a competitive, playoff theme.

Drinking Games

Unless the groom is in a 12-step program or has very strict religious beliefs, drinking games are a staple at a bachelor party. Drinking games make up a large part of adult party games, and can be played in public and private settings. Some popular drinking games include quarters and chugging race games. If you do play these types of games, make sure to have a designated driver and don't let anyone intoxicated get behind the wheel.

Game Tips

While some grooms have a great sense of humor and love to be the center of attention, others feel uncomfortable in the spotlight. Choose games that fit the personality of the groom, and try to avoid upsetting the bride. Bachelor parties are times of celebration and male bonding, and your game choices should complement the occasion and party tone.

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Bachelor Party Games