Dance Step Diagrams

Dance Step Diagram

When first learning a particular dance step, it can be helpful to follow diagrams that show you exactly how to move your feet. The diagrams provide a visual aid that will reinforce the proper movements.

Steps for Types of Dances

Certain genres of dance and traditional dances have specific steps associated with them.

Dance Genres

Whether you want to learn to swing or do an elegant ballroom dance, you can use step sheets and diagrams to help you learn the proper moves.

  • Ballroom: Ballroom dance encompasses several individual dances -- the Fox Trot, Polka, and Waltz, among others. Consider donning your best attire for learning these traditional steps.
  • Disco: Get your groove on with disco dance moves that are sure to showcase the 70s in a big way.
  • Hip hop: Hip hop might look difficult, but with a few good moves, you can start showing off your urban flair.
  • Rumba: The Rumba is often performed in a ballroom dance setting, but it is a passionate dance that anyone can learn. A diagram can help you perfect these sultry steps.
  • Swing: Swing dancers have a lot of fun with their upbeat moves. Learn swing dance steps like the anchor step, coaster step, lollies, and Texas Tommy with help from a diagram.

Cultural Dances

Connect with your heritage or find out more about another culture when you practice traditional dances from cultures around the world.

  • Filipino folk dances: While the Maria Clara may be one of the more famous Filipino folk dances, there are additional tribal and rural dances that you can learn as well.
  • Irish step dances: Irish step dances are a part of the rich heritage of the Irish people that continue to be performed today. Movements are fairly rigid and must be carefully executed, so a diagram is a helpful tool in learning these dances.

Diagrams for Specific Songs

Specific songs are known for their famous dances. Learn the steps to those dances by following diagrams and wow everyone at your next party.

  • Electric Slide: Kids and adults alike love to break out into dance for this popular wedding song. Polish your Electric Slide dance steps in time for the next big bash.
  • Line dances: While many people associate line dancing with country tunes, there are plenty of pop and hip hop tracks that also have special line dances. Learn how to do the Watermelon Crawl, Achy Breaky Heart, Macarena, and Cupid Shuffle by following the diagrams.
  • Thriller: Michael Jackson's hit song Thriller remains popular even today -- especially around Halloween. Memorize the dance steps to Thriller and you'll be a hit at the next Halloween bash!

Get Ready to Dance!

Practice makes perfect, and that saying holds true when it comes to learning dance moves. Using a diagram is a great way to learn the steps and get up and dancing in no time!

Dance Step Diagrams