Golf Party Themes

Golf Ball

Golf is not just for grandparents and retirees! Many children have a special love for the sport as well. Golf theme parties provide an excellent way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion for any enthusiast, no matter the age.

Golf-Inspired Fun and Games

There are many ways to incorporate golf games into your party, and you don't even have to include the traditional game of golf! Prizes for winners of children's parties might include passes to the local mini-golf course or a bag of goodies filled with golf-themed items, such as chocolate golf balls and tees. If you have trouble finding golf-themed favors, you can always pack up prize bags loaded with other favorites. If your party is more adult, you can skip prizes altogether and just have fun.

Pin the Golf Bag to the Caddy

In this spin-off of the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", guests must try to pin a golf bag as close to the caddy as possible. The closest guest wins! Make a poster resembling a fairway with a caddy standing on the green. Download and print images of golf bags for your guests to pin up. Make sure you print enough so each guest can have a shot.


This game is not what you think! Secure six cups or small buckets, equally spaced apart, to a piece of plywood. Lay the fixture on the lawn and line the kids up in a single-file line. The person in front gets six golf balls and one chance to drop the balls in the buckets. Each bucket gets one ball, and balls must be dropped in succession. For example, ball one goes in bucket one, ball two goes in bucket two, etc. If the player misses the bucket, or gets the ball in the wrong bucket, his turn is over. If the player gets all six balls in the correct bucket, he wins! This game may have multiple winners, so if you're giving away prizes, make be sure you have extra prize bags on hand.

Play Nine

This is a new card game, designed with the game of golf in mind. This game is suitable for ages 8 to adult. The objective of the game is to score the lowest amount of points. Play Nine can be purchased through the Play Nine website.

Golf Theme Party Décor

Decorations for golf theme parties are best kept simple; there's no need to go overboard. Dress the food table up with a green vinyl tablecloth. Check your local party supply store for golf themed confetti or golf stickers. If confetti aren't an option, stickers will adhere nicely to vinyl and provide an extra "golf" touch. Select balloons and streamers in Kelly green, white and blue colors if you desire.

Golf-Inspired Menu

Main Entrees

Purchase or make a large sub sandwich and place a pickle chip on top of each slice, secured by a golf flag toothpick. You can make the toothpicks ahead of time by cutting out colorful triangles of paper and gluing or taping them to the sticks. Serve the sandwiches with chips and watermelon. If your party is a more upscale dinner party, consider serving filet mignon, prime rib or grilled salmon.


Of course, you'll want to serve Arnold Palmers as your main beverage selection. This drink, named after the famous golfer who loved them so much, is made with half iced tea and half lemonade. You can also have extra sodas and juice boxes on hand.


For dessert, serve Bunker Pie. Create individual servings of this treat by lining each bowl with a medium-thick layer of ice cream (about 1 to 2 scoops smashed down). On top of the ice cream, sprinkle brown sugar or crushed graham cracker crust to simulate sand. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the sand as your golf ball.


Golf party theme invitations can be made in many variations, depending on your taste. For example, large golf ball-shaped circles can be cut from card stock or scrapbook paper and party details can be handwritten onto the shapes. You can also create golf-themed electronic invitations and email them to your guests, order personalized golf party invitations, or check your local party supply store for premade invites.

Match Your Party Ambience to the Sport

The essence of golf is without the glitz and raucous of many other competitive games. Pay attention to simple details that aren't over the top and just make sure your guests have a nice time. Whether you host a group of adults or kids, or a combination of both, when you let the element of relaxation that the sport yields transpire into your party atmosphere, you'll be sure to score well with your guests.

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Golf Party Themes