55 St. Patrick's Day Sayings and Funny Irish Quotes

Published February 17, 2022
young people celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Make your St. Patrick's Day super-special with a quintessential selection of sayings and quotes. Whether you're looking for creative ways to share St. Paddy's Day sentiments with friends and family or you're in search of a snappy saying for social sharing, you've come to the right place!

Funny St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Phrases

Labrador wearing funny glasses on Saint Patrick's Day

Looking to land a few laughs on St. Patrick's day? These cute and catchy sayings just might do the trick!

  • Blame it on the leprechauns.
  • Green beer is life.
  • The green beer made me do it.
  • Don't hate me because I'm Irish.
  • Leapin' leprechauns!
  • Keep calm and leprechaun.
  • Don't go chasing rainbows.
  • Everybody loves a St. Patrick's Day parade,
  • Forget elf of on the shelf; give me leprechaun on the lawn!

St. Patrick's Day Wishes and Blessings

St. Patrick is the perfect day to spread tidings of good cheer, but you really don't have to limit these positive wishes and blessings to just one single day of the year.

  • May your pot 'o gold runneth over.
  • May your life be lovely and your friends be true; all the gold in the world is what I wish for you.
  • May the luck of the Irish cover your life like green on clover.
  • May you be blessed with the jest of a thousand leprechauns.
  • May you forever be blessed with the luck o' the Irish.
  • May your days be blessed with rainbows.
  • May your pint be endless and your rainbows be long.
  • May you leap with the joy of a leprechaun that's won the lottery!
  • May there be a pot of gold at the end of every path you take.

Friendship Quotes for St. Patrick's Day

Cheerful man holding friend in his arms at St Patrick’s Day party

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to let your bffs that you know just how lucky you are to have them in my life.

  • No blarney, you're my bestie!
  • You're my four-leaf clover.
  • You're the lucky clover of friendship.
  • Who needs luck? I've got you!
  • I struck gold when I made friends with you.
  • Friends who drink green beer together stick together.
  • You're the only pot 'o gold I need!
  • I-rish everyone could have a friend like you.
  • Friends who party green together stay besties forever!
  • The beer is green, our hearts are true. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a friend like you.

Cute St. Patrick's Day Captions

Group Of Young People Having Fun And Drinking Beer Together

Looking for some short and snappy Instagram captions?

  • Drink a little keg, dance a little jig...
  • Oh my Guinness!
  • Chillin' with my lucky charms.
  • Sham-rockin' around the clock.
  • Chasin' rainbows with my besties.
  • Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day.
  • There's nothing to pinch here.
  • Makin' our own luck!
  • Tonight, we imbibe!
  • Eat, drink, and be Irish!

Punchy St. Paddy's Puns

men holding glasses of foaming beer and toasting with them

Looking for a St. Paddy's day saying that might puzzle your friends before making them grin? Check out these punchy puns!

  • Just green and beer it!
  • Sham-rock 'till you drop.
  • Let's get this Paddy started!
  • Have an Irish stew-pendous day!
  • Don't be a lepre-can't; be a lepre-can!
  • You green so much to me!
  • You ain't green 'nothin yet!
  • Don't rainbow on my parade.
  • All greened up and no place to go.

Laughable Lephrechaun One-Liners

St. Patrick's day is the perfect occasion to spread seasonal cheer with some punny (and corny!) jokes. These silly one-liners will either lead to chuckles or groans (or a bit of both!)

  • Why did the leprechaun ask for an alibi? He needed a clover story!
  • What's a leprechaun's favorite fast food? A Dublin cheeseburger.
  • What did the leprechaun order for lunch? A Paddy melt!
  • What's a leprechaun's favorite kind of hat? A green beer-y beret.
  • What's for dessert on St. Paddy's Day? Leprechaun pie!
  • What do you call a leprechaun gathering? A wee-union!
  • What kind of chairs do leprechauns like? Paddy-o' furniture!
  • What did the leprechaun's doctor say? You've got a green bill of health!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

With this collection of quotes and sayings, even the tiniest leprechaun won't come up short with creative ways to wish people a happy St. Patricks Day. From silly sayings to thoughtful blessings, you'll be able to find the perfect expression to inspire gaggles of giggles or serious reflection.

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