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Summer Party Games

Father and son having fun

Summer party games can turn a boring gathering into a fun-filled event. Summer afternoons and evenings are the perfect time to get out of those lawn chairs and into some fun games and activities. No matter what ages your party guests are, games will add an element of fun that will leave them asking when your next party will be!

Fun Summer Party Games

The following party games will work for almost any age, but you may need to modify some of them for very young children. Don't overlook the adults on your guest list. Although they might hesitate to get in on the action, adults love to play games, too!

Water Races

Water games of any kind are usually a hit in those dog days of summer, and this water race is no exception.

  • Divide players into teams. You can have as many teams as you want, depending upon the amount of players.
  • Place a bucket of water for each team at the opposite end of the course from where the teams are lined up.
  • Place a large sponge and a gallon-sized milk jug beside each bucket of water.
  • On a given signal, team members take turns racing to pick up a sponge, soak it with water and squeeze it into the milk jug. The team that fills up their milk jug with water first, wins.

Hula Hoop Contest

Purchase several hula hoops and ask guests to compete in a hula hoop contest. Give players a signal and see how long they can hula hoop. The player who hula hoops the longest, wins. In addition to the traditional competition, invite players to get more creative in how they hula hoop, such as using their necks, legs and arms.

Squirt Gun Competition

Why not host a squirt gun competition? Design an arcade that is similar to those you might see at a fair. You can create a bulls-eye on cardboard. Make several of these, and line them up. Hand guests squirt guns, give a start signal and see who is the best shot. You can also set up targets such as tin cans, milk jugs, two-liter bottles or rubber duckies. Once the competition has ended, let guests battle it out with their squirt guns!

Fun Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course out of common objects. For example, fill small pools with water and place them in strategic areas. Party participants must step into these pools as they run along the obstacle course. In addition to the pools, pull garden hoses or ropes between two trees or posts and tell players that they have to jump over them. Overturn lawn chairs, and tell players that they must crawl under the chairs. Place a sprinkler on the course and tell players they must run through it. Place beach balls on the course and require players to walk a specified length with the ball between their legs. Instruct guests to run while pushing a wheelbarrow across the course.

Treasure Hunt

Very young children will love this activity! Fill a sandbox with sand and bury a variety of treasures. Tell children that they are going on a treasure hunt and watch them dig in the sand for treasures.

Other Popular Summer Games

In addition to the above games, play some of the classics, like the following:

  • Lawn bowling
  • Croquet
  • Badminton
  • Hide and seek
  • Tag
  • Softball
  • Kickball
  • Dodgeball
  • Frisbee golf

Summer Fun

Summer party games don't have to be elaborate, and they certainly don't have to be expensive. However, games should be fun. Once you incorporate these games into your party, the fun will follow. Try these and any other fun party games at your next summer celebration. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family!

Summer Party Games