Summer Party Ideas

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Don't be intimidated if you have to come up with some great summer party ideas. There are many ways to throw a summertime bash that your friends and family will really enjoy.

Ideas for Summer Parties

Summer is one of the most flexible seasons to host a party because you have so many options for themes, venues, activities, decorations and summer party food. Summer temperatures are often ideal for outdoor parties, and a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are available during the season for delicious party fare.

Summer Party Themes

In addition to the food, a great summer party theme is often a key component of a successful gathering.

  • Backyard barbeque: Get the group together and grill out. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and picnic tables are all you need to throw a fun summer get-together with minimal fluff.
  • 4th of July party: This holiday is one of the easiest and least expensive events to plan a party around. In the weeks before the holiday, the stores brim with decorations, patriotic clothing items and themed food ideas. If you want to throw a bash that needs minimumal planning time, this is the way to go.
  • Tea party: Throwing an old fashioned tea party is a great way to get the girls together. Offer assorted hot or cold teas, tea sandwiches, and small cookies or biscuits.
  • Beach party: Take advantage of warm weather and get out to the lake or beach. If you don't have access to a beach or lake, consider planning a party by the pool. Be sure to bring the sunblock!

Summer Party Venues

An important part of planning a great bash is choosing an appropriate venue. Be sure to take into account the number of guests you hope to have and what kinds of facilities you will need.

  • State parks: Many state parks offer venues for small and large groups, from outdoor shelter houses to meeting rooms and enclosed shelter houses. Some of these venues include central air as well, which is a good idea if you have young or old guests.
  • Swimming pools: If you don't have a private pool, contact a local public pool for information about hosting your summer party. Many local public pools allow groups to hold private parties after hours.
  • Baseball diamonds: Many ball diamonds allow community members to rent space when games aren't in session. A rousing game of baseball or softball can be fun for the whole group or family.
  • Country clubs: There are many different types of country clubs. Some are found on golf courses. Others include stables for horses. Depending on the activities your party guests enjoy, this may be just the thing for your summer party. Be sure to include important information about what guests should wear or bring if golf or riding is part of the party plan.
  • Lake, river or ocean: Have a picnic, go sailing or just sit around a campfire telling tales.

It's also a good idea to have a backup plan for outdoor venues in case of inclement weather. When booking a venue, ask about weather policies. Some venues may have covered and enclosed shelters that could work in a pinch. Otherwise, you may need to have a backup location available, such as a family room in your home or restaurant party room, so you don't have to cancel the event.

Summer Party Activities

Summer events are the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine, warm nights, and the great outdoors. Plan one of these things to do in the summer that you and your family and friends can enjoy together:

  • Set up the volleyball net. This is a great way to get the whole group involved and active.
  • Go on a walk by the lake or beach. This can get the group's appetite up for whatever delicious party food you've prepared for the party.
  • Play old-school games. Kick the can, kick ball, tag, and capture the flag are all games of childhood that even the adults at your party can enjoy.
  • Swim. If you have access to a pool, this can be a great summer party activity. Be sure to remind guests to bring their towels and swimsuits!
  • Go camping. Many people love to take advantage of the great summer weather by camping. Host a camping party at a local state park or other camping area. Consider roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over an open fire for an authentic feel.


Depending on the type of party you plan to throw, you may want to decorate. Try these simple tips for decorating your summer bash:

  • Bright, beautiful summer flowers are a great way to decorate the tables at your party. Consider placing a vase of multi-colored daisies in the center of each table. Place large pots of flowers strategically around the party area for added effect.
  • Consider using a theme for your summer party. Fourth of July supplies are often abundant in the summertime, but that's not all. Consider brightly colored décor in shades of vivid red, orange, yellow, and bright pink.
  • Bowls of fresh fruit can make a pretty and tasty addition to your food tables. The more colorful your food tables, the better.
  • If your party goes into the evening, lighting will be important. Candles set a romantic ambiance. For something light and fun, consider stringing Christmas lights or using tiki torches to light the party area. They are functional and festive solutions that allow walking, talking, and dancing without killing the ambiance of the night.
  • For a cohesive look, use simple, matching linens on all party tables and decorate with flowers or other creative centerpieces, such as sea shells, candles, or fruit bowls.

Memorable Summer Fun

There are many summer party ideas that can help you throw a bash that you'll be talking about well into the fall and winter seasons. Summer parties tend to have fewer restrictions than other seasonal parties, which means all it takes is a little creativity to turn a good idea into a fantastic and fun summertime party.

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Summer Party Ideas