Cake Decorating Websites

Learn to make borders and flowers online.

Bookmark your favorite cake decorating websites for referencing design ideas, techniques, recipes and even products. Using the helpful tips and tricks found around the web will help you hone your skills quickly.

Helpful Decorating Information

Taking classes is helpful when it comes to learning cake decorating techniques. However, sometimes a class or the time for a class is not always available to you. Learn tips for cake decorating by reading websites that have plenty of information to impart, regardless of your skill level. Depending on the website, you might find information on:

  • How to make a buttercream rose
  • Tinting fondant so it looks like marble or tie-dye
  • Making gum paste lilies
  • 3D cake structure supports
  • Basic uses for tips
  • Airbrush techniques for beginners

The information available to cake decorators online is endless. Even if you have mastered the techniques, you might still want to browse through galleries of cake designs for new inspiration.

Visit Cake Decorating Websites

Famous bakers and decorators often have their own websites that feature plenty of cake decorating pictures. However, rarely will the decorators divulge their secrets. Instead, turn to cake decorating websites that offer you tips and tricks to make your cake a success.


Wilton's website is often a first stop for many decorators. Regardless of whether you use their products, you can find plenty of useful information on their website. From cake decorating patterns to recipes to design ideas, their website offers a plethora of resources for the decorator. Visit their forum to discuss cake ideas or get help from other decorators and check out their new "A Piece of Cake" blog for Wilton decorating tips from experts who work for the company.


CakeCentral is a site for decorators to connect with one another. Share a recipe or two, or post your newest cake photo. Browse other uploaded pictures for cake ideas. Connect with decorators on the popular forums, where you can chat about anything cake related, from running a decorating business to your latest decorating disaster.

Earlene's Cakes

Earlene's Cakes is a website created by Earlene Moore, a decorator from Texas who was in the business for 45 years. Her recipes, tips and designs have become such a hit with other decorators and customers that she continues to maintain her site even after semi-retirement. Check it out to find:

  • Cake construction tips
  • Instructions for making individual pearl decorations
  • Cake serving information and charts
  • Ten articles in a series on owning and operating a cake decorating business
  • Color and tinting article

Global Sugar Art

Global Sugar Art is one of the top places to purchase cake decorating supplies online. However, if you scroll through the menu bar on to the right, you will find a popular category entitled "Inspirations."

You will find video tutorials, helpful articles and general hints to make your cake decorating superb.

More Online Decorating Resources

Find even more online resources for cake decorating by checking out the following:

  • Professional Websites: While most famous cake decorators do not provide instructions or tools on their websites, they often have large galleries or portfolios you can use for inspiration for your next cake design.
  • Local Bakery Websites: If you have a favorite bakery, ask if they have a website where they post information for people to use when baking and decorating at home.
  • Decorating Blogs: Blogs like CakeJournal offer tutorials, tips and information for readers about decorating that are worth checking out. Check out the blogroll or link section of your favorite decorating blog to find more.

Use the websites you find online for making your next cake the best one you have ever decorated. Take notes or print off instructions or tips for use in your kitchen, rather than trying to move your cake decorating into your home office or living room.

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Cake Decorating Websites