Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Amy Hoover
Dinosaur birthday party

Whether it features the terrific lizards from the Jurassic period or the Cretaceous, a dinosaur party is a prehistoric treat for all your guests. Get them to the party with invitations that reflect both your theme and the tone of the event.

Free Printable Dinosaur Invites

The roaring good invitation above is a great option for kids birthday parties for children ages 6 to 12 or so, while the one below is a cute design meant for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Both are printed using Adobe and can be customized with all your party details.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Invite
Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation

Additional Dino-riffic Invitations

If the invitations above don't appeal to your scaly side, consider alternative options.

Teens and Adults

Dinosaur parties aren't just for youngsters. Teens and adults who are having a dinosaur-themed party will want to send invitations like the following:

  • Zazzle has a simple fossil invitation that is appropriate for the older crowd who still want to celebrate dino-style. Invites start around $2.30 each and can be customized right on the website before ordering.
  • Dinosaur Corporation sells a Jurassic Park-inspired invitation that features a realistic T-rex hunting. Eight invitations come in a set for under $4.
  • Paper Culture has an ultra-modern photo invite that has a sleek square for event details and several dinosaur silhouettes. Add a photo of the birthday teen or adult visiting a dinosaur museum, on a dino dig, or doing another related activity. Pricing starts at approximately $2.60 each for 10 invitations.


Additional options for kids' dinosaur party invitations include:

  • Purple Trail offers several affordable invitations with a dinosaur theme including some geared specifically towards girls. Prices start around $1 per invite and go up, depending on the design and number ordered. Additional designs include ones with photo options and sleepover party themes.
  • Party City features brightly colored orange and purple invitations that would work for either gender. Pricing varies depending on the size and quantity you choose upon checkout.
  • Giggles & Grace Designs has a $12 customizable printable template that features realistic-looking graphics of dinosaurs with tracks. The company will do your customization and after you approve the proof, you'll get to download it and print as many as you need.

Prehistoric Party Invitations

When the theme of the party is dinosaurs, you can find plenty of variety when it comes to customizing your event. From realistic options to those with fossils and even friendly dinos, these invitations will let your guests know what kind of prehistoric party to expect when they arrive.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations