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Few events are as dazzling as a masquerade ball, so choose your invitation design and wording carefully. Whether you're throwing a ball for the fun of it or you're managing a charity masquerade ball, the right invitations will capture your potential guests' imaginations and convince them your event will be a magical evening worth attending.

Download Free Masquerade Ball Invitations

Putting together a masquerade ball can be expensive, so it makes sense to save money on your invitations if you can. The templates on this page can be downloaded for free using Adobe, and you can customize them with your own party details.

The first template at the top of the page is for a private ball while the template below is worded especially for a charity masquerade ball event. Plan to print your invitations on card stock or heavyweight paper for the best results.

Charity masquerade ball invitation template
Download this customizable invitation.

Purchase Masquerade Ball Invitations

If you'd like to look around more before you settle on a design, there are plenty of options available online. Each of these companies will let you customize your invitations and then print them and ship them to you. Prices vary, but you'll get a better deal if you order larger quantities.

  • Zazzle offers a wonderful collection of masquerade theme invitations that you can customize. There are designs for a Sweet Sixteen ball, a Halloween masquerade ball, and general invitations you could even reword for a charity ball. Prices begin in the $2 to $3 range for each invitation.
  • Custom Invitations 4U also offers some very colorful invitations, including an elegant black and gold mask design and a gold and deep red mask design. You can select the shape of your invitation while you're customizing it. Prices average around $2.50 per invitation to start, and bulk discounts apply.
  • Stumps offers a slightly smaller collection of masquerade theme invitations, but their prices are a little lower since they also cater to the high school prom market. Noteworthy designs include a two-piece mask and a night in disguise invitation, and prices begin under $2 per invitation.

Invitations Set the Tone for a Stellar Event

Your invitations are the first impression people will receive of your event, so make them count. Everything from the venue's decorations to the music to the food and refreshments should carry out your theme and provide your guests with an elegant and entertaining evening to remember.

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Masquerade Ball Invitation Templates