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Fun in the Sun

Throwing a summer beach party is an easy way to have a great get-together with friends, but there is more to beach party planning than just getting everyone on the same stretch of sand. With the right tips for supplies, decorations, food, drinks and activities, a summer beach party can be fun and enjoyable.

Beach Party Invitations

Casual invitations are perfect for a summer beach party, and they are available in many shapes, including beach balls, palm trees, flip flops, beach umbrellas and more. For a more formal party, seashell or tropical themed beach invitations are popular, or message-in-a-bottle invites can be extremely creative. On the beach itself, leaving messages in the sand is a fun and easy way to welcome your guests.

Summer Beach Party Supplies

There are unique party supplies you will need for a beach bash. In addition to food, drinks and some decorations, you should have essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, beach hats, and beach toys such as beach balls and Frisbees. These can make fun party favors that your beach guests will enjoy.

Beach Party Decorations

Decorating for a beach party is easy. The sunny setting doesn't require much decorating, but adding colorful beach towels and tiki torches can help you define the appropriate party space. Beach umbrellas can add shade, and driftwood logs could be perfect for extra seating. To make the party even more colorful, add floral leis and grass skirts to the décor.

Party Music

Music is less essential at beach parties than for other types of parties, but if you still want a few tunes to enjoy, consider bringing a portable stereo with plenty of batteries. Beach music and summer tunes are great choices, or you can invite your guests to bring their own instruments so everyone can join in creating a unique and personal soundtrack for the party.

Even better, ask some of your guitar-playing friends to contribute some live music to the occasion. it could become a great opportunity for a sing along.

Summer Beach Party Food

Food is an important part of any party, even at the beach. Popular beach foods are typically easy to cook and eat, such as hot dogs, deli sandwiches, fresh fruit or barbeques. In the warmest weather, chilled foods such as sushi, shrimp cocktail and salads can be welcome, or for a more formal event, seafood dishes are popular.

Party Drinks

A summer beach party is a warm, sunny affair, and drinks are essential for keeping cool and hydrated. Alcoholic drinks and cocktails such as fruity margaritas, sangria or wine coolers are always great choices, but be sure to include plenty of water, juice and soda as well for guests who prefer not to imbibe.

Beach Party Games

The activities at a party set the mood for interacting with friends and making great party memories. Beach volleyball games are always fun and easy to arrange, and other options include flag football, water sports, water tag or kite flying.


Building a sandcastle can be a great summer beach party activity for a for all ages. Simple molds are available for young beach architects, while creating more elaborate sand sculptures can be turned into a contest complete with prizes for the winners. To accessorize castles, be sure to collect shells or driftwood, and provide small flags or other trinkets.

Beach Bonfires

For an evening party, starting a fire on the beach can be a great experience, especially for sharing music or stories. Before building a beach bonfire, however, check local ordinances for laws about beach fires, and take appropriate steps to keep the fire safe and contained. After the party, be sure the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.

Low Key Activities

Low key activities are perfect for a casual summer beach party. Frisbee games, beachcombing, collecting shells, examining tide pools, or just strolling in the surf for a good chat are easy options that do not cost much to arrange and are suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Prepare for Storms

Summer weather can be unpredictable and a sudden storm can wash away even the best beach party plans. To make sure your party isn't rained out, check weather forecasts and arrange for an alternative location near the beach if necessary. To keep your beach theme even in the worst weather, investigate the availability of local indoor pools or indoor water parks as alternative locations.

Have Fun!

There's no point in throwing a beach party unless you plan to have fun. A day of sun, sand and surf can offer a great way to reconnect with friends, no matter how casual or elaborate the party may be.

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Summer Beach Party Pictures