Father's Day Banner

Father's Day Banner

Consider including a Father's Day banner as part of your party decorations or as a simple way to greet Dad on his special day. You can purchase different designs and styles of pre-made banners, or you can make your own using craft supplies or your computer printer.

Download and Print Free Banners for Dad

The free banners offered here can easily be downloaded and printed using Adobe. Printing on card stock creates a more durable banner, but you can also print on paper if you wish.

Each design can be used separately if you're limited on space or want to hang individual banners throughout the party area. If you prefer, you can string all three banner designs together using one of each style, or you can use multiples of each style in a repeating design that fills a larger space.

Make Your Own Father's Day Banner

If you'd like to make a banner for Father's Day, there are many ways to create something unique and special. Here are some suggestions that will delight any dad.

Banner Styles

When you think of a banner, you might automatically envision a long, straight, rectangular banner that hangs on a wall or ledge. While this kind of banner is still popular, there are other types of banners you could make, including:

  • Cut-out letters and images strung together
  • Triangular flags attached to each other or strung with string
  • Hanging flags
  • Banners made of metallic plastic, fabric or various types of paper
  • Balloon banners
  • Vertical banners

Balloon Banners

Balloon banners are a really nice option if you have a large space available. For example, an entire wall or a large outdoor fence would work perfectly. Using a marker to add a letter to each balloon, inflate enough brightly colored balloons to spell out your message and attach the balloons to your surface with strong tape or pushpins (pinning the rubber "tag" where the balloon has been tied off).

If you're using a wall or other surface that you don't want to risk ruining, the balloons can be glued or taped to sheets of cardboard instead, which can then be mounted on the wall or placed along a mantel or other ledge.

Control the size of the finished banner by using small or large balloons, or inflating them only part of the way full.

Father's Day Banner Sayings and Themes

If you've decided to create your own Father's Day flag or banner, there are other sayings you could use rather than the standard "Happy Father's Day." Ideas include:

  • World's Greatest Father
  • My Dad Is My Hero
  • Top Dog Dad
  • Groovy Dad
  • Best Dad Ever
  • All Star Dad

Theme images are also a nice addition to banners, and they should be customized to suit your father's particular interests or tastes. For example:

  • A golf-theme banner could include images of golf clubs and golf balls with the saying, "Hole-in-One Dad."
  • If your dad is a handyman, use pictures of tools and toolboxes.
  • Sports-minded fathers would enjoy images of their favorite sports like basketball, football, baseball or hockey, or you could use the colors and logos of their favorite teams.
  • Fathers who like to cook outdoors will appreciate a hand-drawn image of dad at the grill. You can make it funny if you wish by adding flames jumping out of the grill's surface.
  • For a Western theme, add images of cowboy hats and boots, horses and metallic stars.

Catch Dad's Eye on Father's Day

Hanging a banner offers a great way to make a big statement, and Father's Day is the perfect occasion to do so. Tell your father how special he is with an eye-catching banner, purchased or homemade, hung in a highly visible spot.

Father's Day Banner