Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas

unusal gift wraps

Don't stress yourself more by fumbling with paper that rips and tears. Instead, consider some unusual wrapping ideas to help make your gift stand out.


If you're giving a small gift without any sharp points, you can slip it into a latex balloon prior to blowing it up with air. Not only will it be a charming way to present a gift, but it will be exciting for a child to pop it to open it. You can even add a little "Pop Me" tag and some ribbon.

balloon gift wrap


Create a lollipop to give gift to a child. A blanket is the perfect item to gift this way. Roll the blanket into a tight tube, then roll it around into a circle so that it looks like a swirled lollipop. Wrap the blanket in cellophane and secure with a ribbon. Stick a dowel stick into the bottom to emulate the stick of a lollipop.


You can wrap a small or medium sized gift in a ball of yarn. In fact, you can wrap several small gifts using this method. Get some colorful yarn and wrap it around the gift and keep wrapping it until it is completely covered. You may want to add some smaller gifts as you wrap. When you are done, you will have a ball of yarn that will be a blast to unravel.

yarn gift wrap

Paint Can

Buy a clean, new paint can at a craft or hardware store and decorate the exterior with scrapbook paper or leave it plain. Fill the can with a gift or gifts and seal the top and add a bow. Be prepared to help the child open the lid if it's a little too tight.


Don't have a box for the cute little outfit you want to give to your favorite child? Use the largest piece of clothing, a shirt or jacket, as the wrap. Put the smaller items such as pants, t-shirts, shorts socks and accessories inside the top and fold the garment around the inside items.

Jar of Candy

Surprise a child by tucking a small toy inside a jar and then filling the jar with jelly beans to conceal the gift. Put a lid on the jar and tie a ribbon around it. Adult supervision is suggested if the jar is glass.

money candy jar gift wrap

Suitcase or Backpack

Use a vintage or new suitcase or backpack as the packaging for a child's gift. This is a useful gift for the child who travels to grandparents' houses or who is headed to school for the first time. Just add a name tag and bow on the handle to make it look more festive.

Pillow Case

Buy or make a special pillow case for a child and fill it with night time goodies for a child. Consider filling the pillowcase with a stuffed animal, new pajamas and a new book. Tie the pillowcase closed with a ribbon to complete the presentation.

pillow case gift wrap

Lunch Box

A useful plastic or metal lunch box as a cute way to present a gift. Consider choosing a theme such as a favorite cartoon character and buy a box with that character on it and fill the box with small toys of the same theme. Or fill the box with lunch related items such as a thermos, reusable sandwich box, and a favorite snack.

Neat Wrapping Ideas for Adults

Help your gift stand out by presenting it in a unique way. You can make the wrap part of an overall gift theme, like kitchen items, or just use it to hide the gift like other wrapping papers and bags.

Oven Mitt

Give a gift of kitchen utensils to a new home owner or as a hostess gift. Tuck a wooden spoon, spatula, whisk and some favorite recipes into a red gingham oven mitt for a unique and useful gift and presentation.

oven mitt gift wrap

Disposable Coffee Mug

Save your morning coffee cup for later use as a gift-giving receptacle. Clean the mug and line it with brown tissue paper. Fill it with instant coffee packets, small candies, and a gift card to a coffee stand inside. Top it with white tissue paper and the lid. You can even stick a straw in the top for added effect.

disposable coffee mug gift wrap

Tera Cotta Pot or Watering Can

A gardener would appreciate a gift inside of terra cotta pot or watering can. You can even decorate the pot yourself for a personal touch. Fill the pot with seeds, gardening tools, and gloves.


Buy some warm, cozy slippers and tuck some lotion, bubble bath and a spa gift card inside. Tie a ribbon around the slippers to create a creative gift.

slippers gift wrap


Conceal a bottle of wine, hair care items, barbecue sauce, or similarly shaped gift by tucking it into a new sock. Use the other sock to tie a bow around the neck.

socks gift wrap

Mason Jar

Give a small gift inside of a mason jar. Use a sticker to decorate the top and use ribbon or raffia to decorate the neck. This is a good way to present small gifts and edible treats. Christmas gifts in a jar are popular but you can give a gift for any occasion in a jar as long as it fits.

CD or DVD Case

Use an old CD or DVD case to give a gift. You can create a custom cover on a computer graphic program or just cut paper and hand draw a decorative cover. Then hide a gift card, special letter, poem, photo, jewelry, or other small gift inside.

cs case gift wrap

Hat Box

Buy a decorative hat box at a craft store and fill it with goodies as a gift. You can present one larger gift of several smaller ones in the box. Use shredded paper to keep the items from moving around in the box.

stack of hat boxes

Silly Options for Almost Anyone

Gift-giving occasions can allow your humorous side to show, too!

Ice Block

Freeze a small gift or gift of money into a block of ice. Of course, you have to be selective as to the type of gift you give this way, as some gifts might get ruined by being submerged in water. Consider placing all items, even waterproof ones, in small sealed plastic bags before you put them into the water for additional protection.

Older kids, teens, and adults are the perfect recipients for this type of wrap. Young children may not appreciate the humor and become upset they can't reach their gift immediately.


A comical way to give money or another small gift is to conceal it in an uncut loaf of bread. Cut the bread in half and hollow out the center to create a compartment to hide some money. Then put the other half of the bread on top of it and put the bread back into the original packaging.

Creative Packaging

No matter what gift you give, you can make it feel special by thinking about a unique way to present it. Any cove or container can potentially be used as a gift wrap. Even last minute gifts can be wrapped in a spectacular way by thinking creatively and looking around the house for a colorful piece of fabric or interesting container.

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Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas