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Winter Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

Festive Winter Holiday Decorations

The bells are a-ringing and the snow is a-falling. It's time to get your table into winter ready apparel. Winter decor is simple, rustic and festive all at the same time. Whether you choose to glitter-fy a few pine cones or jazz up your holidays with a bright and airy winter centerpiece, it's all about finding the right balance to accentuate your holiday table. Get inspired by these holiday creations. Remember it's not always all about winter white -- creativity is key.

Rustic Appeal

Going for a winter holiday feel doesn't mean that you need to layer your table in red and white. Rather, you can just go for a hint of festive through a few rustic looking ornaments that set off sliver plates. Forgo the table cloth and instead, run evergreen branches down the center of a rich wood table. Create a unique ambiance with soft peach, orange and brown candles along with pinecones sprinkled throughout. You can even strategically place a few holly branches and large red candles to really highlight the holiday feel. Your table will have a touch of holiday in a very laid back way.

Simply Elegant Berries

A simple white place setting takes on an elegant, festive look by adding a few pops of color and sparkle around the table. Keep the table looking clean and simple by sticking to solid color napkins and plates. Let the bright reds and pops of gold within the decorations speak for themselves.

Bright Pops of Color

Holiday colors don't need to stop at wintery blues and traditional reds and greens. Create a festive mood by choosing table decorations that add colorful pops of vibrant hues. Lime green, purple, and sparkling gold create an unforgettable table setting. Keep the linens and plates white to make the colors stand out. Utilize ornaments and holiday figurines, like reindeer, in your chosen color combination to keep things interesting. Other colorful options include turquoise, pink, and white or copper, red, and orange.

Center of Attention

A lovely centerpiece can be the perfect accent to your table. A simple bowl can be filled with anything from Christmas ornaments to fresh fruit. Choose bright bold colors to really make the centerpiece pop and be the star of your dining table. To really set your centerpiece off, coordinate your color scheme in your crockery and napkins. For example, you might add red crockery to set off your red and green table theme. Pull the color down the table through sprinkling small red and green ornaments or a few holly berries.

Special Seasonal Touches

Adding a special touch such as a flower arrangement to your table can make a big difference. There are endless possibilities from elaborate floral bouquets to simple arrangements consisting of evergreens and whatever may be in season. When you use a simple arrangement, you want to follow through with that theme into your table settings. For instance, you might use off-white crockery and napkins that are set off with similar gold ribbon. This helps to bring everything together into a cohesive holiday table design.

Edible Fun for All Ages

People of all ages can appreciate a beautifully decorated table. Adding bright colors and interesting touches can liven up the table and bring a smile to everyone's face. Edible decorations, such as cookies and candy, are perfect to use at the table. Adults can bake and set up an assembly line, while kids put them together. Then after the party is over, take the decorations apart and share some sweet bites. Be sure to include decorations for your treats that will appeal to both kids and kids at heart!

Double Duty Decorations

Winter holiday decorations can not only liven up a holiday table but can be used as a favor for your guests to take home. Items such as picture frames can serve as a place card and double as a small gift. To make it even more special, include a gift card along with it. You might even choose to make the presents part of your centerpiece. Don't make the table all about presents though -- add a few sprigs of greenery and sparkling nuts to add some natural elements to the decorating scheme.

A Blue Christmas

When you think Christmas, maybe your mind fills with images of candy canes and Santa Claus. While the man in the red suit has a lot to do with it, using a blue and white color scheme along with fake pine branches and even Christmas lights can really brighten up your table and give you that holiday vibe. You might even use soft blue snowflake bulbs as place settings and keepsakes for your guests. For a deeper color connection, add dark blue wine glasses and white taper candles in silver holders.

Winter Wonderland

Add a focus on winter through creating a vibrant wintery wonderland on your table. Add white flowers and baby's breath to a slender silver vase and surround it by dark blue tea lights and fake snow. Set off the sparkle of winter through glittery snowflakes dancing around your centerpiece. Adding a soft blue cover gives a nice contrast to the silver and white of the centerpiece. Accent your table decorations with white and silver plates or even snowflake plates. The blue napkin and final snowflake decoration really pull the entire theme together giving a wonderfully winter look to your holiday festivities.

A Touch of Winter

Simplicity can be understated when it comes to festive table settings. However, adding a few evergreen branches, white Christmas lights and some show stopping tapered candles can give your table that simple, elegant holiday appeal. You don't have to go all out to get festive. The little touches are just as important. Set condiments and serving dishes in the center of the table to add depth to minimalistic decorations while giving guests more elbow room to enjoy their meal.

Toast to Holiday Cheer

Make a toast to the holidays by using festive wine glasses as part of your holiday table decorations. Glasses come in a range of shapes and colors that are sure to match any holiday theme. They can also stand out well against a brightly colored table cloth that screams holiday party. You can't forget the sparkle either by placing a few glittering holiday ornaments around your table. Really set off your glasses and table decor with a bright white or red centerpiece. Go for contrast by adding winter white dishes and napkins, bound by gold napkin holders.

Ringing in the Red

A red and white color scheme to your table is sure to bring the holiday cheer. A red table cover and alternating red and white centerpiece is bold and festive at the same time. Set it off with a few white Christmas Lights around the base and gold accents in your glasses, cutlery and crockery. With a red Christmas table, your guests won't be able to stop themselves from singing deck the halls.

The Perfect Winter Holiday Table

Add festive winter holiday table decorations to your dining scheme to set the mood for the season. Dining around the holiday table is a tradition during the holiday season and can be much more than sitting down and eating a meal. A nicely decorated table can bring people together to enjoy the festivities and can transport your guests to your own winter wonderland. Decorations can be something as simple as a single centerpiece to something more elaborate such as a complete place setting done in a Christmas theme.

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Winter Holiday Table Decoration Ideas