Winter Wonderland Dance Theme Decorations

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Whether you're planning a school event or a fun celebration in your own home, winter wonderland dance theme decorations will add sparkle to the event. Choose your favorites from the following ideas.

Ideas for Winter Wonderland Dance Theme Decorations

Table Decorations

In addition to tables for holding food and drinks, many dances include a seating area where guests can rest between dances. Depending on the event, a full meal may even be served. Centerpieces and other table decorations can help enhance the overall theme.

  • Confetti - Silver confetti adds sparkle. Use snowflake-shaped confetti and other seasonal designs for added flair.
  • Floating candles - Snow white or silver candles floating in a small bowl make an understated centerpiece. However, if you are planning a party in a public venue, you may run into restrictions on candle usage. Check with the party venue for fire regulations.
  • Winter village sets - Set up a few pieces from a winter village set on each table and surround them with fake snow. Department 56 is the collectible line that specializes in these kinds of villages, but you can find less expensive versions at most stores that sell Christmas decorations.
  • Teddy bears - A teddy bear in a warm scarf or sweater is another cute centerpiece idea. Sprinkle some fake snow around the bears to add atmosphere.

Winter Trees

Stark white trees instantly call to mind a winter wonderland. Construct trees out of cardboard and spray paint them white. Add cotton batting to the branches and around the bases of the trees to simulate snow. An alternative is to use potted trees, either artificial trees or live trees that will be planted later, and decorate them with strings of lights or fake snow.

Winter Walkway

A winter walkway provides an enchanting entrance for dance attendees, or it can help provide a connecting point between the seating area and dance floor. Incorporate winter trees into this decorating idea to create a path through a snow-covered forest. Guests can also reach their winter wonderland via a bridge over a frozen stream made of metallic paper or aluminum foil. If you have the time and materials, building an arching wooden bridge can add an impressive decorative touch. You can also create the illusion of a bridge with a paper or cardboard cut-out.


A large picture of a snowy forest, ice skaters or another wintry image will help set the scene and also provide a great spot for posing for photos. Look for premade backdrops and murals from party supply stores. You may also be able to rent backdrops from party rental outlets or local theater groups. Check with office supply stores and print shops about the possibility of printing oversized posters of suitable photographs. If you have an artist willing to help with the decorating, a painted background could be another option.

Other Decorative Accents

  • Lights - Strings of white lights can add a cool glow to the party. Outline entrances, wrap them around trees, and hang them above the dance floor.
  • Balloons - Adding a few balloons is a relatively inexpensive way to add thematic color to the room. White, silver, blue and pearl are popular accent colors.
  • Ribbon - Hang paper snowflakes using curled ribbon in decorative colors.

Where to Buy

There are companies dedicated to selling dance decorations, including a number of packages suitable for winter wonderland dance theme decorations. A few examples include:

Many of these decorations can be replicated with a little creativity and supplies from local party supply stores and craft shops.

Make Your Vision Come to Life

Plan your party well in advance of the date so you have time to really think about the theme and the decorations that will bring it to life. Make simple sketches of your ideas to help you decide what will and won't work in your space. Once you have a decorating plan firmly in place, you can make, rent or buy decorations that will make your party even more memorable. For inspiration on other events, get ideas for other school dance themes.

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Winter Wonderland Dance Theme Decorations