Printable Thank You Cards

green polka dot thank you card
Green polka dot thank you card

When you need to express your gratitude by doing more than simply saying, "Thank you," a thank you card certainly comes in handy. A handwritten note may seem a bit old fashioned, but it's still appreciated by the person who receives one. Unfortunately, few people keep a supply of these cards on hand, but that's easily solved. Instead of heading to a store, simply print what you need from the designs below, and send a personal thank you note to someone who deserves it.

Free Thank You Notes

With eight attractive designs to choose from, one of these cards should suit your needs. Each file contains two thank you cards that will print on one standard 8.5 x 11 inch page. Simply click on the design you want to use in order to open the PDF file using Adobe Reader. Once it's open, click on the printer icon in the upper right hand corner, and select the number of sheets you want to print. Once your cards are printed, all you have to do is cut them out, fold them in half, and write your message on the inside.

Worth the Effort

It takes just a little more effort to send written thank you notes, but it's truly worth it. Everyone who receives your cards will know how much you appreciate them, and they'll think of you fondly every time they look at them.

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Printable Thank You Cards