Why Celebrate Friendsgiving? 10 Reasons to Love This Holiday

Published September 9, 2022
Happy friends talking during lunch on a terrace for thanksgiving

Why celebrate Friendsgiving? A better question is "why not?" What's not to love about a sort-of holiday that's all about getting your best friends together for no other reason than to celebrate each other and have fun? That's what Friendsgiving is all about! Find out what's so fabulous about Friendsgiving and discover 10 great reasons why this unofficial holiday is sure to become your newest favorite holiday to celebrate.

Invite Whoever You Want to Include

Rules? Absolutely not. There are no hard and fast Friendsgiving rules. The only "requirement" for Friendsgiving is that it be a celebration of friendship. That can mean old friends, new friends, neighbors, work friends, and anyone else you want to include. You can even invite certain relatives - you know, those family members who'd be your friends even if you weren't related.

Take Girls' Night Out to the Next Level

Do you and your besties enjoy girls' night out get-togethers? Take them to the next level by hosting a Friendsgiving gathering for an even bigger group. Ask each of your besties in the usual GNO posse to invite one or two other friends they enjoy spending time with. That way, you'll all have a chance to get to know each others' other friends. You just might find that the GNO inner circle starts to expand!

Group of friends toasting at outdoor dinner party in field

Get to Know Your Friends' Families

Do you have friends that you see regularly for things like bunco night, bowling, trivia matches, or other activities separate from their significant others and/or kiddos? Friendsgiving is a great reason to invite them and the most special someones in their lives to a strictly social party or a family-friendly gathering. You just might find that such get-togethers become regular events and that you forge even stronger friendships.

Hold Friendsgiving Whenever You Want

When is Friendsgiving? Whenever you want! There isn't an official date for Friendsgiving, so you can mark the occasion on whatever date works well for you and your friends. If you live far away from your family and aren't able to travel home, feel free to host a Friendsgiving celebration on the fourth Thursday in November. Or, if you and most of your friends go away for Thanksgiving, then schedule a Friendsgiving party as a bit of a pre-game warmup or post-travel dish session.

Host Friendsgiving Any Time of Day

What's the appropriate time for a Friendsgiving party? There is no inappropriate time. The party can be any time you want! While Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a large midday meal, Friendsgiving can be held any time of day that works for the host and guests - with any menu (Friednsgiving food andFriendsgiving cocktails!) that you prefer. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late-night snacks - the choice is yours. Any time is the ideal time to spend time with your besties.

Hold a Friendsgiving Party Anywhere

Anywhere you and your friends gather, the spirit of Friendsgiving is there. A Friendsgiving party can be in your home, or anywhere else you and your friends would care to roam. Friendsgiving could be as simple as getting together with a group of besties at a restaurant or for a picnic in the park. You could even hold a Friendsgiving slumber party (spa weekend? camping cabin?) or get together with your school or college besties for a Friendsgiving tailgate party at your alma mater.

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Reconnect With Friends Who Moved Away

Have a lot of your childhood friends moved away? Do many of them come home to visit family during the holidays (or for local events like Mardi Gras or a beloved festival)? If so, it'll be a lot of fun to plan a Friendsgivng reunion during that timeframe. What a great way to get several of the "old gang" together for a fun visit and to celebrate your lifelong friendship bonds.

Launch a New Tradition for Your Friend Group

Long-time traditions are great, but new ones are even more fabulous. When you decide to host a Friendsgiving bash to celebrate your besties and new friends alike, it just may become the most widely anticipated annual event among your circle of friends. Whether you host each year or you and your besties take turns, there's something special about starting a tradition of your very own.

Boost Your Hosting Skills With a Friendly Crowd

Need to boost your party planning confidence? If you don't host big family gatherings because you're not ready to face the scrutiny of your most discriminating (read overly-critical) relatives, Friendsgiving might be a great place to start. Your friends are sure to be much less judgmental of your hosting chops, yet willing to provide honest feedback upon request. Get a Friendsgiving win under your belt, and you'll be ready to host grandma's birthday (or even Thanksgiving) next year.

Friendly woman serving food to her friends at dining room

Celebrate the Family You Chose

While family-focused celebrations are wonderful and important, there aren't enough occasions focused on celebrating the pure joy of friendship. Chances are that your closest friends are very much like family, but probably with less drama and fewer skeletons tucked away in a closet somewhere. The very best reason to love Friendsgiving just may be the simple truth that friendship deserves to be celebrated.

Ready to Celebrate Friendsgiving Your Way?

See? There's no reason not to host a Friendsgiving party - and there are a lot of great reasons to do it. On your mark, get set, and plan a fabulous party! Choose a date and send out invites. Then, make it an event to remember with a fabulous playlist and some fun Friendsgiving games. On the big day, be sure to spread the love by sharing selfies paired with creative and funny Friendsgiving quotes and captions.

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